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I very much enjoy sharing what I have learned along my journey as a photographer with others. I am delighted to be able to offer several options where I can pass on the knowledge I have accumulated with other photographers. From the basics of bird photography, to being out in the field, to post processing, I cover a variety of techniques, tips, and tricks with those that attend my workshops, safaris, and mentorship students. Won’t you join me?



"Join my mentorship program and let me help you take your personal vision for your photography to the next level."



Need a custom Day Safari in or around the Anchorage area? Let me be your guide for a huge variety of species.

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If you're interested in working with me either one to one in the field or via Zoom, we can schedule some time. 

"Jamin provided me with the experience of a lifetime on a recent trip to Alaska. He worked with me in advance, choosing the perfect location with the knowledge of what I was I looking for in my photography. We spent a beautiful morning on a lake with a pair of Pacific Loons that only a local would know about. He had a perfect understanding of what would make an ideal photography location, and I can honestly say that I would never have found something like this without his expertise. Highly recommended!"

Joe Fierst

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Order your copy of my exclusive Owls of North America 2025 calendar. Each month features one of my most incredible owl encounters from Alaska to Florida. 


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